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Welcome to INTP Central, a place for INTPs. For those of you who aren't INTPs, please do us all a favor and check out our sister site, Typology Central. If you don't know what an INTP is, please learn about MBTI here.

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50mins ago Poll: MBTI Initiation... Initiated.
-> posted by ProsaicReality

1hr 20mins ago Disgruntled Vets
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1hr 41mins ago How is going?
-> posted by Phreon

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5hrs 6mins ago STUPID ATHEIST
-> posted by SmartWater

5hrs 55mins ago Who am I?
-> posted by DEMERZEL

6hrs 53mins ago What US dialect you speak (with map)
-> posted by jyng1

9hrs 37mins ago im an infp, type 4 wing 5
-> posted by Hermione

10hrs 14mins ago Obligatory December Festivity Thread 2013
-> posted by gator

14hrs 22mins ago Breaking Bad
-> posted by Oso Mocoso