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Welcome to INTP Central, a place for INTPs. For those of you who aren't INTPs, please do us all a favor and check out our sister site, Typology Central. If you don't know what an INTP is, please learn about MBTI here.

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101hrs 28mins ago Hello
-> posted by gps

104hrs 4mins ago What are you watching right now?
-> posted by pesquisa

113hrs 25mins ago Is my life REALLY THAT BAD? (and....it has been pretty...
-> posted by crazyintp

136hrs 10mins ago What are you reading right now?
-> posted by Che

-> posted by pesquisa

178hrs 48mins ago Do you ever feel like people are perplexed by your presence?
-> posted by Neal

181hrs 16mins ago This place ...
-> posted by pesquisa

188hrs 45mins ago Three habits of highly effective INTPs.
-> posted by MySavior

205hrs 52mins ago Have you found having a mentor a beneficial experience?
-> posted by El D.

226hrs 42mins ago Why do women suddenly lose interest?
-> posted by MySavior

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