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Welcome to INTP Central, a place for INTPs. For those of you who aren't INTPs, please do us all a favor and check out our sister site, Typology Central. If you don't know what an INTP is, please learn about MBTI here.

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92hrs 58mins ago Defining time
-> posted by DEMERZEL

94hrs 31mins ago What mobile phone do you use?
-> posted by SmartNick

117hrs 27mins ago Historical Fragments
-> posted by pesquisa

124hrs 8mins ago Matrix/Christianity type video "Power Corrupts"
-> posted by JohnClay

216hrs 42mins ago DEPRESSION
-> posted by Red October

254hrs 7mins ago Gazans are Reaping the Fruits of Their Own Lefty Loser...
-> posted by pesquisa

328hrs 20mins ago Is this where the cool INTPs are?
-> posted by Cliche Guevara

513hrs 41mins ago The Never Ending Argument
-> posted by UniversalMagnetism

572hrs 42mins ago Why do I get anger in debates I don't really give a shit...
-> posted by sorabji_66

573hrs 12mins ago Feminism and INTPs
-> posted by mydarkpassenger

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