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Welcome to INTP Central, a place for INTPs. For those of you who aren't INTPs, please do us all a favor and check out our sister site, Typology Central. If you don't know what an INTP is, please learn about MBTI here.

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27hrs 28mins ago brothers
-> posted by pocohauntus

55hrs 6mins ago How can we achieve immortality?
-> posted by jyakulis

61hrs 45mins ago What makes INTPs 'lazy'?
-> posted by pocohauntus

64hrs 1min ago Is there any INTPs in the fashion/legal industry?
-> posted by jyakulis

64hrs 23mins ago Poll: Ideal Romantic Partner Poll for INTPs (Revised)
-> posted by jyakulis

64hrs 30mins ago Want To Say Hello But Don't Want To Start Your Own Thread?
-> posted by jyakulis

148hrs 21mins ago Are You a Good Liar?
-> posted by pocohauntus

221hrs 9mins ago Putting in an appearance
-> posted by pesquisa

269hrs 38mins ago Matrix/Christianity type video "Power Corrupts"
-> posted by beep

358hrs 18mins ago Duplicate IP Report for 8 Nov 2014
-> posted by Dr. Haight

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